Distance Reiki Testimonials

“Highly recommend.  Convenient, relaxing.  Caitlin was spot on with her findings.  The only difference I felt between in person and via phone was that in person I can always feel the heat from Caitlin’s hands, but I did not feel that during the phone session.  I could however feel “pressure” over areas of my body that she was working on.  Great experience.” Mistie

“I had only ever had one in-person reiki session when I decided to try a distance reiki session.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I was still so new to it.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how Caitlin was able to notice where I was focusing my breath and where I was feeling blocked, even from afar.  Her assessment completely correlated with what I was feeling and the sensations and thoughts I had during my session.  My reiki sessions have provided awareness to where my energy might be flowing, or not flowing, which helps me better notice what my body is trying to tell me.  I’m still very much a student to my own body’s signals and interpreting my reiki sessions, but in both sessions I have gained hints that are aiding me on my healing journey.  Distance or in-person, I’m intrigued by reiki.” Jen

“I recently had a distance Reiki session with Caitlin.  With no touching whatsoever it might be hard to believe that one can experience anything at all, but I did!  I felt relaxed and full of peaceful energy. After the session Caitlin spends time talking about the experience and gives lots of information to continue well-being. She is very knowledgeable, personable and professional. I highly recommend Caitlin and her healing gift!” Patti

“Nearly immediately after our session, I felt relaxed and calm, and I had more energy.  Caitlin provided a clear overview of what my chakras looked like, and suggestions to help clear blockages.  Thank you!” Megan


“My experience with Caitlin and distance Reiki was great!I could feel the areas she was working on, my head was warm and tingly and I could feel the same sensation in my neck. This was all through a phone call and not a video call either. Caitlin gave me information on my blocked areas to work on. We all need a little self help. Thank You Caitlin” Mary

In-Person Reiki Testimonials

“I am impressed with Caitlin’s capacity to read and connect to deep patterns in the body.   She listens through her hands to the organization and flow of energy and subtly guides a more balanced channeling of the energy.  I was quite surprised when she mentioned that there was strong energy in an area of my foot that had been a source of pain and medical treatment many years ago.  I had completely forgotten about that.  From our conversations, as well as from the hands on experience, I know that Caitlin’s intuitive skills are grounded in a deep knowledge of her field of expertise.  I also appreciated her respect for the client’s ownership of the journey and the practitioner’s role as facilitator of that process. ” -Anne


“My daughter had a knee damaged in a snowboard accident which was exacerbated by a collision in an ice hockey championship; she tried many methods for dealing with the pain with no success until a friend convinced her to try Reiki. I went with her to the appointment even though I was sceptical. Caitlin put both her and myself at ease, and then the magic started. My daughter felt hot and cold and a sense of her blood moving up. Afterwards, the change was remarkable. My daughter felt real relief from the pain. Kept going, now the pain is all gone. I broke my collarbone in a skiing accident many, many years ago which caused periodic pain throughout my life. As I have gotten older, the pain is greater and more frequent. The pain was almost unbearable after days of travel, lots of bowling, and accumulated stress. My daughter suggested Reiki. Even though I saw what it did for her, I was still skeptical for myself. I thought, oh, it won’t work on me. But I was in such pain that I decided to give it a try. I was nervous but Caitlin was very calming and reassuring. She put her hands on my bad shoulder and I felt heat like a ball of lava right away. All of a sudden my shoulder just relaxed in a way that it had not in a very long time. The relief was unbelievable. I cried it felt so much better. My husband noticed as soon as I got home that I was standing so much straighter. Caitlin has magic hands!!” -Gayle

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